ASL Hawaii

Interested in learning American Sign Language? Looking for ASL classes in Hawaii?
Well you have come to the right place.

American Sign Language, also known as ASL, is the primary language used by Deaf people and also by the Hard of Hearing.

We are trying to make American Sign Language much more fun to learn than the traditional ways it has been taught. We have plenty of sign language videos so check them out and please comment. If you have suggestions for future videos please let us know.

Note: Weekly ASL classes have been canceled until we find a new location to teach. If you know of a place that might accommodate us, please let us know. Mahalo!

Please practice learning the American Sign Language Alphabet it will help you and us before your 1st ASL lesson, plus you need to learn it, so you can spell words you don’t know the sign for when talking to deaf or hard of hearing people.